Who Is In The Wrong?

A Colorado contractor was caught on camera destroying a new bathroom he’d worked on due to a dispute with the client over $4,000.

The homeowner’s neighbors filmed the video that showed Terry Gregory of Home Remodels swinging a giant sledgehammer and knocking new tiling and fixtures from the shower walls while yelling.

At one point he screams,

“We put weeks into this, thousands of dollars into this.”

Homeowner Amber Trucke of Colorado Springs says she paid $3,330 of an owed $7,555. The contractor sent Trucke a Facebook pay request for the remaining balance on Friday (September 17th) and said the homeowner had to pay by that evening. Trucke says she initially asked to return from work, see the finished product, get receipts proving the contractors had ordered a shower door they needed to install, and ensure that water would flow properly through the newly-installed plumbing before paying. At 9:30 a.m. Saturday (September 18th) the contractor demanded payment, and showed up to the house to cause destruction.

Trucke wrote on Facebook,

“That’s it. 23 hours. [Because] I didn’t pay in 23 hours (there is NO statement from me in writing or otherwise to them that I wasn’t going to pay) they showed up like thugs and destroyed my property.”

Since the footage circulated online, Dream Homes Remodeling of Colorado has taken down its Facebook page and website

You can view the video on Facebook here.

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