Walking Dead Take Out Brown Sugar

The opening line to The Rolling Stones’ classic hit “Brown Sugar” goes,

Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields.

While the song is meant as a critique of slavery, it has often been understood. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards admitted a recent interview that they feared the line would be misconstrued in 2021, so they haven’t been playing it on their current stadium tour of North America.

Richards said in an interview,

I’m trying to figure out with the sisters quite where the beef is. Didn’t they understand this was a song about the horrors of slavery? But they’re trying to bury it… At the moment I don’t want to get into conflicts with all of this sh-t. But I’m hoping that we’ll be able to resurrect the babe in her glory somewhere along the track.

Jagger added,

We’ve played ‘Brown Sugar’ every night since 1970, so sometimes you think, ‘We’ll take that one out for now and see how it goes.’ We might put it back in.

The band will make a stop at Ford Field on November 15th.

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