USPS, FedEx, And UPS Announce Final Dates For Shipping Christmas Presents

You might want to start thinking about any holidays gifts you might want to send to loved ones. The U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS have released the final dates for shipping Christmas gifts.

According to the Postal Service, if customers want their packages to get there on time and wish to send their packages through retail ground, they must mail them by December 15th. First class packages must be shipped by December 17th, and customers must send priority mail by December 18th. Overall, The Postal Service recommends consumers mail gifts before December 6th, as that’s the date when customer traffic increases significantly.

FedEx has similar guidelines: home delivery and ground packages must be shipped by December 15th; FedEx Express Saver and 3Day Freight have limited flexibility but must be sent by December 21st. FedEx 2Day packages must be sent by December 22nd.

UPS for 3-day select shipping you must mail stuff by December 21st, 2-day air must be sent by December 22nd, and next-day air must be sent by December 23rd. All domestic and ground-based shipping through UPS will depend on the region but will average between one and five days.

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