Trying To Lose Weight? Try This

This woman lost 80 pounds on a different kind of elimination diet, she eliminated social media. 

Brenda Finn, 33, a candlemaker from London, told a local news outlet that she had always been a bit chubby, but starting in 2016 she started to gain a lot of weight, reaching 217 pounds by August 2020. She soon started working out at home but realized she needed to change her diet and her social media diet as well. In the interview Finn said,

Scrolling down my feed I’d see endless cakes, ice cream, sugary drinks and pizzas. It was constant subliminal messaging telling me to go and have a snack. When I realized how distracting Facebook and Instagram were from my progress, I shut off from it all.

This goes along with countless studies that say social media has a bad effect on our health.

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