The Worst Candies To Eat According To Dentists

As we gear up to knock on strangers’ doors and demand candy, dentists have released a list of candies that will require extra tooth brushing after eating.

The worst candy to eat are the gummy candies because they stick to your teeth, especially hard to clean areas. Other candies dentists recommend to avoid are tacky, sticky, candies such as Taffy, Caramels, and Starbursts as they could easily pull out crowns and fillings. Dentists also say to avoid lollipops and sour powdered candies because they full of acid that breaks down enamel quickly.

Though we do have one candy that dentists agree to be okay and that would be chocolate, because they dissolve easily and can be washed away easily from your teeth with brushing.

Dentists also say if you don’t heed their warnings, they’ll be happy to charge you soon!

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