The Color You Shouldn’t Wear To A Job Interview

According to career experts the color you don’t want to wear to a job interview is the color orange.

The reason you want to avoid the fall color is because the color can unintentionally tell an employer that you are an attention-seeking, over-confident candidate.

In fact, a CareerBuilder survey polled 2,099 hiring managers and human resource professionals across several industries and orange topped the worst colors list, with 25 percent of employers agreeing it was the worst color to wear to an interview.

On the flip side, experts say the best color to wear is the blue. Experts say it helps your audience clearly see what a valuable asset you could be for their business because you’re wearing a color that conveys trust, responsibility and team spirit. They also add that you should wear a darker blue for Zoom interviews to avoid getting washed out as webcams have problems catching colors the way our eyes do.

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