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Apps To Avoid Once In Your 50s For Your Mental Health

You’ve heard about studies that found using social media can have negative consequences for teenagers and children, but a new study finds using them can also make people ages 50+ feel depressed. Harvard University researchers found that middle-aged adults are “substantially” more likely to be depressed if they used platforms favored by youngsters, such as […]

Doctors Blame Tiktok For Increase Of Tics In Teenage Girls

Here’s one thing you likely never associated TikTok with, doctors in multiple countries are reporting a rise in teenage girls developing tics, and that anxiety, depression, and TikTok could be contributing factors. The increase started at the beginning of the pandemic and has alarmed and puzzled doctors. Several medical journals report the teen girls were […]

Constipation Drug Could Boost Memory After Just Six Days

A drug used to treat constipation could boost a person’s memory after just six days, a study by the University of Oxford suggests. The pill Prucalopride, also known as Resolor, is already used to treat digestive problems, but new research has shown it could also be used to tackle cognition impairments caused by psychiatric disorders […]

What Our Wandering Thoughts Can Teach Us About Mental Health

If you pay attention to where your mind wanders it can tell you something about your mental health. University of Arizona researchers found ruminative individuals had negative thoughts that lasted longer than positive thoughts, and those negative thoughts became progressively narrower in topic over time. Other people thought about positive things, and positive topics or […]

Supermarkets Open ‘Chat Checkouts’ To Combat Loneliness Among Elderly

1.3 million people in the Netherlands are older than 75 years and one large supermarket chain is making sure they’re not getting too lonely in their elder years. The Dutch government with its campaign, ‘One Against Loneliness’, has galvanized organizations, towns, companies, and individuals to find solutions. The grocery giant, Jumbo, is doing their part […]

IPhones May Keep Tabs On Your Mental Health In The Future

Apple is hoping we’ll one day turn to our iPhones to keep tabs on our mental health. Previously, Apple teamed up with UCLA on mental health research, and with pharmaceuticals company Biogen on studying cognitive decline. Now, the brand is planning to incorporate the knowledge it gleans from this work into the iPhone. The goal […]

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