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Doctors Explain Why Certain Health Checks Are No Longer In Schools

You may remember in elementary school getting periodically checked for Lice, Scoliosis, and even Colorblindness every year. This is a practice that doesn’t happen as often anymore, which came to the surprise of parents like Chrissy Teigen who shared her reaction on Twitter. Since the stars’ reaction, doctors and pediatricians have come forward offering an […]

Pig Kidney Works Normally Inside A Human For 54 Hours

Surgeons at NYU Langone Health successfully managed to transplant a kidney grown in a genetically altered pig to a human in September. The organ functioned normally, but the test was short-lived: the human patient was brain-dead, and the organ, which was kept outside her body, was monitored for just 54 hours. Dr. Robert Montgomery, who […]

There Could Be A Vaccine For Poison Ivy Soon

If you’ve ever suffered after coming into contact with poison ivy you know how miserable it can be. Now Scientific American (SA) reports that U.S.-based scientists are reportedly working on a vaccine to combat humans’ responses to poison ivy, oak and sumac. They say the compound, called PDC-APB, will likely have to be injected once […]

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