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Nutritionists Advise Against Giving Away Healthy Candy For Halloween

Halloween and candy just go together, there’s no denying it, but should you consider handing out healthier candy to trick-or-treaters? Registered Nutritionist Amanda Frankeny says you should beware of certain buzzwords on products such as sugar-free, keto, low-carb, or superfood, as they don’t necessarily make sweets healthier. Frankeny adds, While these labels sound nutritious at […]

Halloween Face Paint Tips To Help Protect Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

Halloween season is a time when young trick-or-treaters like to don face paint as they go out as their favorite animal, superhero, ghoul or princess. You’ll want to make sure that face paint won’t cause a serious allergic reaction, however. While some parents have learned about this potential hazard the hard way, the U.S. Food […]

The Halloween Costumes That Are Expected To Dominate This Year

Fans of a certain TV show don’t have to worry about their Halloween costumes this year. Every year, there’s always at least one costume that dominates Halloween. Whether it’s the Joker, Tiger King or Three-hole Punch Jim, there’s guaranteed to be plenty of people dressed up that way on the holiday. Based on its recent […]

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