Site To Pay Someone $7k To Watch Every ‘Simpsons’ Episode

A UK casino site is hiring someone to watch every episode of The Simpsons – offering nearly $7,000 and a weekly box of doughnuts.

The person will help Platin Casino further investigate the phenomenon that The Simpsons has predicted major life events. The gaming site said in a press release,

We thought we’d put The Simpsons to the test and see if, after analyzing every single episode, it can help us to predict the future.

Platin Casino continued to say their hope is to see what 2022 will hold.

The Simpsons Series Analyst will watch and analyze all episodes from the 33 seasons, along with The Simpsons movie more than 280 hours of footage. The professional will be asked to take notes on stand-out storylines to help the company’s team of prediction experts evaluate the probability of each one happening for real. It will pay the equivalent of $6,800, and a Homer-esque weekly box of doughnuts to enjoy whilst they work.

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