Nissan Worker With Enhanced Senses Tasked To Ensure the Perfect New Car Smell

Peter Karl Eastland has been tasked to ensure the consumer experience in the new Qashqai model isn’t compromised by any unappealing odors.

The reason he is a perfect candidate for the job is due to his background in chemistry, and because he possesses an extremely acute sense of smell, which is a gift he realized he had from an early age, that allows him to identify more than 15 smell categories.

Nissan recognized he has the ‘nose for the job’ and appointed him as the ‘odor evaluation lead engineer’ at its European Technical Centre in Bedfordshire.

Peter, dubbed the ‘Nose of Nissan’, said in an interview,

“I remember as a young kid playing games where we had to identify different food stuffs, like flavours of crisps [chips], sweets, or drinks by their smell alone. I was able to correctly identify the difference between the own-brand supermarket items and the leading brands’ products, even when the flavor was meant to be the same.”

He went on to say,

“At Nissan, I work with a lot of different materials, for example polymers, rubbers, and adhesives. Having a trained nose means that I can tell the difference between fake and real leather, or cloth and fabric.”

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