Many Older People Are Having The Best Sex Of Their Lives

This is definitely something to look forward to, a new survey looked at the sex habits of 2,000 people aged 50+ and found 45% said they’ve had the best sex of their lives as they’ve aged.

Most said they have less sex now than in their youth, citing their 30s as the time they were the most sexually active — but 1 in 8 Americans 50+ still have sex at least 5 times a week. The survey found that 35% are surprisingly more intimate than ever before and the same amount said their sex drive is higher than when they were younger.

More than a third of people over 50 would like to be more intimate but don’t have the time (38%) likely because they’re always working (42%), live with others (39%) or have family come over often (36%).

Three in four whose kids still live with them say they usually wait until their child falls asleep or isn’t around to have sex with their partner (74%). Nearly half of those whose kids are out of the nest said their sex life improved drastically (48%).

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