Lucky Driver Walks Away From Catastrophic Car Crash With Minor Injuries

Shocking photos show the semi-truck resting on top of the 46-year-old woman’s flattened Nissan Altima after striking it from behind in Mount Vernon on Tuesday. The horrific ordeal unfolded when the woman started to brake due to upcoming traffic, but the driver of the truck wasn’t able to slow down in time and struck her from behind. Her car was propelled forward, causing her to crash into the back of another 18-wheeler.

The semi-truck behind her then drove over the Nissan before coming to a stop. The woman was trapped in her vehicle for a brief time, but managed to climb out on her own after a tow truck lifted the front of the semi off her car. She miraculously only reported feeling minor rib and head pain.

one trooper said.

In my 14 year career, I have never seen anything like it.

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