Lincoln’s Death Certificate To Be Auctioned

An interesting piece of presidential history is about to hit the auction block: former President Abraham Lincoln’s death certificate.

The document is over 156 years old, and appears to be in good condition. It lists the infamous date of Lincoln’s assassination, April 14th of 1865, and his survivors: wife, Mary, and children, Robert and Thomas.

The certificate also points out that the 16th president’s estate was worth $85,000 at the time of his death. In current dollars that would be a fortune of about $1.42 million. The death certificate is signed by Supreme Court Justice David Davis, one of President Lincoln’s longtime friends and political allies.

Lincoln, of course, was shot and killed in Washington D.C. The Great Emancipator is interred today in Springfield, Illinois, where he arrived in May of 1865, with the remains of his deceased son Willie, after a 1,600-mile funeral tour by train from the nation’s capital.

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