Lego Announces Massive 9,090-Piece Model Of The Titanic

Lego announced its largest Lego model ever of the Titanic, the ill-fated ship that was the largest ever at the time of its doomed maiden voyage.

At 9,090 pieces, the soon-to-debut Titanic set is “one of the most challenging building experiences to date,” according to Lego, and just edges out the previous record holders: Lego’s Colosseum, which has 9,036 pieces, and the 7,541-piece Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

While historic for a model, it’s not the Lego set with the most pieces overall, though. That honor goes to the Lego Art World Map, which includes 11,695 pieces.

Available on November 8th, the set will cost $630. The outside measures 53 inches long, and includes cargo cranes, swimming pools, lifeboats, promenades and multiple decks, along with functioning ship features such as working anchors and adjustable masts. It also breaks apart into three sections, which allows creators to peek inside the hull.

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