Isolation Over Pandemic Caused People To Think Less About Others & The Future

Living through a global pandemic has left many isolated, and it turns out that leads people to think less about others, and the future. Researchers from Britain texted study participants randomly to ask them what they were thinking about during the country’s first lockdown, and found

“future thinking was reduced overall during lockdown, and only seemed to occur at pre-lockdown levels when people were actively engaged in work.”

Lead study co-author Brontë McKeown adds,

“Normally, people spend a lot of time thinking about other people and planning for the future in their daily lives.”

Lead study co-author Giulia Poerio says the findings show

“how important our external environment and social interactions are for shaping what is going on internally and suggest that changing our external world could be one way of changing the (mal)adaptive thought patterns that make up so much of our waking lives.” 

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