IPhones May Keep Tabs On Your Mental Health In The Future

Apple is hoping we’ll one day turn to our iPhones to keep tabs on our mental health.

Previously, Apple teamed up with UCLA on mental health research, and with pharmaceuticals company Biogen on studying cognitive decline. Now, the brand is planning to incorporate the knowledge it gleans from this work into the iPhone.
The goal is to alert users that they may be suffering from conditions such as depression, anxiety, or cognitive decline. The technology would rely on an algorithm built off of data clues such as physical activity, sleep habits, and even how one types on a keyboard.

All of this information together could offer insights into how consumers are feeling, their energy, and their concentration levels. This research is still in the very early stages, and it’s not yet clear if Apple will actually be able to create an effective algorithm to do what it wants to. In addition, there are potential privacy issues related to the data that would be gathered that Apple would have to figure out. 

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