Does Thanksgiving Turkey Really Make You Sleepy?

If you took a nap on Thanksgiving, you can’t blame the turkey.

Dr. Joan Blake with Boston University explains,

Folklore has it that the tryptophan-rich turkey is the reason behind the prevalence of snoozers sprawled out in your living room after the leftovers are tucked away […] But if you look a little further into the science (or lack of) behind this folklore, you will soon realize that this tryptophan theory just doesn’t make any physiological sense.

Other meats, as well as eggs, soy, yogurt, cheese and milk all contain tryptophan, so you likely eat it pretty regularly. The reason everyone seems to nap on Thanksgiving is likely due to eating a lot, which means the body must work harder at digestion than usual, and the fact that a lot of energy goes into creating a Thanksgiving feast all on its own which can also make you very sleepy.

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