Doctors Explain Why Certain Health Checks Are No Longer In Schools

You may remember in elementary school getting periodically checked for Lice, Scoliosis, and even Colorblindness every year. This is a practice that doesn’t happen as often anymore, which came to the surprise of parents like Chrissy Teigen who shared her reaction on Twitter.

Since the stars’ reaction, doctors and pediatricians have come forward offering an explanation. That would be that kids are seeing their doctors more than ever, thus limiting the need for it at school. One pediatrician says,

These were once done at school because children didn’t go to the doctor as regularly as they do now. Now, because kids are going so regularly and frequently, a lot of these screenings are referred back to pediatricians.

The pediatrician noted that many schools have had budget cuts and no longer have registered nurses that can do these checks, as you must be trained to do them, and that there were concerns that kids were being over-screened. He added that health checks done in school aren’t necessarily a bad thing, as it could make parents get a little push to go to the doctor for a well check if they weren’t already and can sometimes catch kids who haven’t been to the doctor’s office for years.

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