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Students Try To Get Courts To Declare Learning Civics As A Constitutional Right

Students from Rhode Island have asked a federal appeals court to reverse a lower court’s dismissal of their case, to declare a constitutional right to be taught civics, and send the case back to district court. Their attorneys argue that students need to know how to participate in the political process, exercise their constitutional rights, […]

How Social Media Is Changing The Way People Get To Know One Another

Penn State researchers say social media opens up new ways for people to connect, and also forces our brains to adapt to a form of communication it was not designed for. For one thing, when most people meet someone new they often feel a need to “reduce uncertainty” about that person, which is usually done […]

Earliest Prehistoric Art Discovered

Fossilized footprints, and more rarely, hand prints, can be found around the world; left as people went about their daily business, preserved by freak acts of geological preservation. In new research an international team have discovered ancient hand and footprints high on the Tibetan plateau made by children. The team argues that these traces represent […]

You Can Go On A 274 Night Cruise…If You Have A Lot Of Money

It’s being labeled the “Ultimate World Cruise” and it’s easy to see why. Royal Caribbean International announced that in late 2023 its Serenade of the Seas ship will set off on a 274-night voyage that will hit more than 150 destinations in 65 countries and get to all seven continents. Among those destinations are some […]

Pig Kidney Works Normally Inside A Human For 54 Hours

Surgeons at NYU Langone Health successfully managed to transplant a kidney grown in a genetically altered pig to a human in September. The organ functioned normally, but the test was short-lived: the human patient was brain-dead, and the organ, which was kept outside her body, was monitored for just 54 hours. Dr. Robert Montgomery, who […]

The Color You Shouldn’t Wear To A Job Interview

According to career experts the color you don’t want to wear to a job interview is the color orange. The reason you want to avoid the fall color is because the color can unintentionally tell an employer that you are an attention-seeking, over-confident candidate. In fact, a CareerBuilder survey polled 2,099 hiring managers and human […]

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