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Doctors Blame Tiktok For Increase Of Tics In Teenage Girls

Here’s one thing you likely never associated TikTok with, doctors in multiple countries are reporting a rise in teenage girls developing tics, and that anxiety, depression, and TikTok could be contributing factors. The increase started at the beginning of the pandemic and has alarmed and puzzled doctors. Several medical journals report the teen girls were […]

Nutritionists Advise Against Giving Away Healthy Candy For Halloween

Halloween and candy just go together, there’s no denying it, but should you consider handing out healthier candy to trick-or-treaters? Registered Nutritionist Amanda Frankeny says you should beware of certain buzzwords on products such as sugar-free, keto, low-carb, or superfood, as they don’t necessarily make sweets healthier. Frankeny adds, While these labels sound nutritious at […]

A Real Pizza Factory Made From LEGO

A Father-son duo combined their passion for pizza and love for LEGO to create a plastic, pizza-making machine that will do everything for you pizza except cook it, including spreading the sauce, adding cheese, and toppings and even cutting the pizza. The pair has created many iconic LEGO contraptions on YouTube, including an Edible Car […]

Kesha To Host Ghost Hunting Series

Kesha, who once claimed she had sex with a ghost, will explore the supernatural and visit her “creepy bucket list” of mysterious places on an upcoming docuseries heading to Discovery+ in 2022. On Conjuring Kesha, an extension of the Kesha & the Creepies podcast the singer, along with celebrity friends and paranormal experts, will travel […]

Kentucky Store Broke A World Record

Now this is a knife!  A 34-foot, 6-inch folding knife created in Kentucky has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest pocket knife. It’s installed outside Red Hill Cutlery in Radcliff, the home of the Kentucky Museum of American Pocket Knives, and was confirmed the world’s largest by Guinness on Wednesday (October […]

Site To Pay Someone $7k To Watch Every ‘Simpsons’ Episode

A UK casino site is hiring someone to watch every episode of The Simpsons – offering nearly $7,000 and a weekly box of doughnuts. The person will help Platin Casino further investigate the phenomenon that The Simpsons has predicted major life events. The gaming site said in a press release, We thought we’d put The Simpsons to the test and see […]

Halloween Face Paint Tips To Help Protect Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

Halloween season is a time when young trick-or-treaters like to don face paint as they go out as their favorite animal, superhero, ghoul or princess. You’ll want to make sure that face paint won’t cause a serious allergic reaction, however. While some parents have learned about this potential hazard the hard way, the U.S. Food […]

Why Do We Love Haunted Houses?

If you like Halloween and haunted houses you’re not alone. Knox College professor of psychology, Frank McAndrew, says going to “haunted” experiences provides an ideal emotional cocktail of “fear, enjoyment, and surprise.” He adds, Walking through a commercial haunted house can also provide relevant feedback about ourselves. It might be useful to know which types […]

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