Bozo’s New Home

David Arquette has acquired the rights to Bozo The Clown, saying he’s been a longtime fan of the children’s entertainment icon. He’s Bozo’s first new owner in 65 years, having acquired the rights from Larry Harmon Pictures, which largely popularized the character.

Stating in an interview,

I fell in love with Bozo when I was a kid living in Evanston, Illinois. Bob Bell’s portrayal of Bozo was always my favorite. It just lit my heart up, and I want to bring that kind of joy to the people of the world.

Arquette plans to open a museum in Chicago full of clown memorabilia, create new TV shows and/or films, and build a worldwide “family of Bozos.”

He explained,

At one point there were 200 Bozos throughout America and Mexico and Brazil, so we really want to sort of replicate that.

To start, he’s opening a pop-up interactive circus experience at a shopping complex in Brooklyn this November, with plans to later bring it to Chicago.

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