Birth Control Device Gets Major Award

Rebecca Weiss, an industrial design graduate from the University of Munich and inventor of the COSO male birth control device, was named Germany’s winner of the James Dyson Award, which “celebrates, encourages and inspires the designers of new problem-solving ideas.”

The COSO uses an ultrasound “testicle bath” to temporary stop sperm mobility. It only needs to be used every few months to keep the sperm inert and prevent eggs from being fertilized during sex.

Weiss said her inspiration came after she was diagnosed with precursor cervical cancer, which has been tied to oral contraceptive pills. She continued talking about the lack of male birth control options led her to develop a new contraceptive approach for men in my master’s thesis.

She’s hoping the Dyson Award will help her obtain funding to put the COSO through clinical trials, and is now shortlisted for the international award, which carries a $45,000 prize.

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