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Constipation Drug Could Boost Memory After Just Six Days

A drug used to treat constipation could boost a person’s memory after just six days, a study by the University of Oxford suggests. The pill Prucalopride, also known as Resolor, is already used to treat digestive problems, but new research has shown it could also be used to tackle cognition impairments caused by psychiatric disorders […]

Isolation Over Pandemic Caused People To Think Less About Others & The Future

Living through a global pandemic has left many isolated, and it turns out that leads people to think less about others, and the future. Researchers from Britain texted study participants randomly to ask them what they were thinking about during the country’s first lockdown, and found “future thinking was reduced overall during lockdown, and only […]

Rare River Eels Threatened by Festival Goers on Cocaine

Researchers have found “environmentally damaging” levels of illegal drugs in a river running through the Glastonbury Festival thanks to revelers publicly urinating, a new study has found. The researchers at Bangor University in Wales determined that concentrations of MDMA in the water quadrupled the week after the 2019 festival, which was attended by more than […]

‘No One Is Safe’ From Cancel Culture, Depp Says

Johnny Depp said that “no one is safe” from cancel culture during a press conference ahead of receiving the honorary Donostia Award at this year’s San Sebastian Film Festival. According to Deadline, the actor said; “It’s so far out of hand now that I can promise you that no one is safe. Not one of you. No […]

Dave Grohl Explains Kurt Cobain’s Death To His Kids

Dave Grohl admitted that over 25 years since the death of his Nirvana bandmate, Kurt Cobain, he’s still working through his suicide. The Nirvana singer, songwriter, and guitarist shot himself to death on April 5th, 1994 in a room above the garage of his Seattle home. reported Grohl spoke candidly about Cobain in the new BBC documentary, When Nirvana Came To […]

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