Author: Joshua Lee

Going For Walks Has An Added Benefit For Your Pup

Yet another reason to go for walks with mans best friend. University of Washington researchers found that regularly walking your dog could protect its brain against canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), a condition related to the aging of a dog’s brain which leads to memory loss. Researchers found the odds of CCD were 6.47 times higher […]

Nissan Worker With Enhanced Senses Tasked To Ensure the Perfect New Car Smell

Peter Karl Eastland has been tasked to ensure the consumer experience in the new Qashqai model isn’t compromised by any unappealing odors. The reason he is a perfect candidate for the job is due to his background in chemistry, and because he possesses an extremely acute sense of smell, which is a gift he realized […]

Chicago Suburb Attempts World Record For Largest Dog Wedding Ceremony

This is not your average wedding. Organizers in Chicago say they are hoping to gather more than 178 dog couples in order to break the world record for world’s largest dog wedding ceremony. Organizer Leslie Allison-Seei, says she previously participated in a November 2008 attempt in Oak Park, Illinois, where 87 canine couples tied the […]

Samuel Adams’ Latest Potent Beer Is Illegal In 15 States

Samuel Adams announced that the 12th version of the Utopias brand, which the brewery rolls out every two years, will roll out Oct. 11 at a price of $240 for 25.4-ounce bottle. The beverage contains 28% alcohol by volume, more than five times the average strength of U.S. beers, making it illegal to sell in […]

Mayim Bialik Confirms She Wants Permanent ‘Jeopardy!’ Job

Mayim Bialik confirmed that she’s hoping to solidify her Jeopardy! future as the permanent full-time host of the game show beyond the current season. The former Big Bang Theory actress and neuroscientist told Glamour in a new interview, “There’s no other job I would rather have, I love my sitcom work, I do. I love all the other things […]

IPhones May Keep Tabs On Your Mental Health In The Future

Apple is hoping we’ll one day turn to our iPhones to keep tabs on our mental health. Previously, Apple teamed up with UCLA on mental health research, and with pharmaceuticals company Biogen on studying cognitive decline. Now, the brand is planning to incorporate the knowledge it gleans from this work into the iPhone. The goal […]

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