Annoyed Chicago Man Tears Up Speed Bump

We have all had our frustrations with Speed Bumps, but this is a bit extreme! A frustrated Chicago man who reached his limit with the speed bump behind his home took matters into his own hands and removed it with a pickax and a hammer.

Nicolas Benitez said he had complained to Alderman Ray Lopez before using a pickax to tear out the speed bump outside his garage in an alley behind his home.

The protruding piece of asphalt had reportedly damaged his cars and trapped ice and snow during the city’s frigid winters for at least 10 years. Benitez got a $500 ticket for his admitted act of urban-planning vigilantism, a fine for destroying city property that he says he’s prepared to fight in court. Lopez said he previously told Benitez that he could seek funds to possibly get the speed bump removed, but that money was “already spoken for” by the summertime.

Benitez has a court date set for November. He might also have to pay for the cost of replacing the speed bump, Lopez said.

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