A Full ’12 Days Of Christmas’ Will Cost More This Year

If you were to buy all of the gifts mentioned in the song The 12 Days of Christmas you’d be spending quite a lot this year—over $41,000. PNC released their annual Christmas Price Index, which has been measuring the current cost of getting all the items mentioned in a full verse of the Christmas carol since 1984.

Overall, the index is up 5.7 percent this season, the largest jump since 2013. For comparison, this year everything would run you $41,206, up from just $16,168 last year, and $38,994 in 2019. This year, the two turtle doves would run you around $450, 50 percent higher than last year. Meanwhile, the cost of seven swans held steady at $13,125, as did the cost of eight maids-a-milking ($58), which is also the cheapest item on the list.

PNC Chief Investment Officer Amanda Agati says, “Inflation this year has certainly been surprising to the upside. This very specialty gift basket is largely mirroring what we’re seeing in the larger economy.” 

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